14 Injured Players Are Likely To Ruled Out | IPL 2023 Injured Players List Telugu | GBB Cricket

14 Injured Players Are Likely To Ruled Out | IPL 2023 Injured Players List Telugu | GBB Cricket

March 29, 2023 36 Views

Struggling to find the list of injured players in IPL 2023? Look no further! In this video, I’m going to show you the complete & accurate list of all injured players in the IPL 2023. Get up-to-date details on injuries, replacements, & more! Don’t miss out on this essential information and stay ahead of the game!

14 Injured Players Are Likely To Ruled Out | IPL 2023 Injured Players List Telugu | GBB Cricket

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players. A 22-yard (20-meter) pitch has a wicket at each end, two bails balanced on three stumps. The batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with the bat (and running between the wickets). In contrast, the bowling and fielding side tries to prevent this (by preventing the ball from leaving the field and getting the ball to either wicket) and dismiss each batter (so they are “out”). Means of dismissal include bowling when the ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails. The innings ended when ten batters were dismissed, and the teams swapped roles. The game is adjudicated by two umpires, aided by a third umpire and match referee in international matches.

Forms of cricket range from Twenty20, with each team batting for a single inning of 20 overs, to Test matches played over five days. Traditionally, cricketers play in an all-white kit, but they wear club or team colors in limited-overs cricket. In addition to the basic kit, some players wear protective gear to prevent injury caused by the ball. A complex, solid spheroid made of compressed leather with a slightly raised sewn seam enclosing a cork core layered tightly wound string.

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