5 Layer Farming in Telugu | How to Start 5 Layer Farming Model? | Kowshik Maridi

5 Layer Farming in Telugu | How to Start 5 Layer Farming Model? | Kowshik Maridi

January 29, 2023 33 Views

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“Multilayer farming is an integrated agricultural strategy in which 4-5 distinct crop varieties are planted simultaneously on the same ground and mature at various times and heights. It is a form of intercropping that is becoming more popular right now. Typically, people only plant one main crop and must wait for it to produce before they can start making money. We can profit from multiple crops in the same field in multilayer farming.

A farmer can produce monthly income on a tiny plot of land using five farming layers. Farm Natura’s principal crops are mango, guava, and moringa, all cultivated as a part of five-layer farming. Pomegranate and papaya can be used in place of guava and moringa, respectively. People are using some crops in high demand for this multi-layer farming.

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