How To Learn Indian Cooking in 5 Days | Ghar ka Khana | Beginner Tutorial

How To Learn Indian Cooking in 5 Days | Ghar ka Khana | Beginner Tutorial

January 29, 2023 31 Views

Chai, Maggie and Boiled Eggs.

For a long time only these 3 items have been on my ‘Things I Can Cook’ list. And that’s because I used to think of cooking as a waste of my time. Because why cook when you can study, work, party, Netflix and Chill.

But after completing my Fitness Classes and Nutrition Certifications, I realised how stupid I was. I learnt that the reason why cooking is important is because a Home Cooked Meal, filled with fresh ingredients takes care of our digestive system. The digestive system takes care of our health. And health makes us active, we become productive. And that productivity leads to a great career, good friends and a lot of money! And that makes us the Super-Hero of our lives!

Therefore, to be a Super-Hero, we need to learn how to cook! Hence, proved! 🙂

But for 30 years, cooking for me has been a nightmare, a mystery I couldn’t solve; because nobody taught me what is the Step 1.

So if you have also been struggling with cooking like I did, then in this video you will find the exact steps to get started; from setting up your Kitchen to making some quick breakfast and finally graduating to making those complicated recipes on YouTube!

I really hope you fall in love with cooking, just like I did.


Top 5 Indian Cooking Oils for Weight Loss:




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