Where is the Party | 2023 ETV New Year Event | Full Episode | 31st December 2022 | Suma, Hyper Aadi

Where is the Party | 2023 ETV New Year Event | Full Episode | 31st December 2022 | Suma, Hyper Aadi

January 30, 2023 34 Views

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A special New Year party with a brand-new concept where you can witness mindblowing performances and side-splitting comedy created by talented celebrities.

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00:00:19 All Intros
00:09:44 Serial Heroines (Antara & Neelima &Vandana) Dance Performance
00:15:34 Yadamma Raju,Amma Rajasekhar,Vishwa Jodies Comedy
00:20:10 Hyper Aadi,Ramprasad,Naresh Comedy
00:24:47 Blindfold Game
00:31:47 Geetha Govindam & Rangula Ratnam Serial Team Intro
00:36:10 Super Saddam & Yadamma Raju Team Comedy Performance
00:43:23 Hyper Aadi & Sohel Comedy
00:45:54 Shatamanam Bhavathi Serial Team Intro
00:48:37 Antakshari Game
00:53:57 Mangli & Team Songs Performance
01:09:35 Mounporatam Team Intro
01:11:13 Couples Dance Performance
01:17:10 Guvva Gorinka Serial Team Intro
01:21:05 Hyper Aadi,Ramprasad,Naresh Comedy Performance
01:29:16 Manasantha Nuvve Serial Team Intro
01:30:21 Serial Actors & Jabardasth Actors Comedy Performance
01:39:28 Illusionist BS Reddy Performance
01:48:21 Suma Sanmanam
01:55:37 New Year Celebrations

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