Indian Puliogare – Bachelor’s Easy Cooking Recipe

Indian Puliogare – Bachelor’s Easy Cooking Recipe

January 28, 2023 32 Views

guys in this video i am making Indian puliogare which is a very unique and easy cooking dish of India.

all you need to have is a pan and pour some ghee on it, immideately add some mustard seed, moon dal, chenna dhar, curry leaves and dry chilli..

the movement they become a little red in colour add stream rice to this masala and mix it well.

now add some casew nuts and ground nuts and let the roast for 30 seconds. now add puliogare paste to this entire dish and mix it well for atleast 1 min

and guys now you can taste the world class most delicious indian recipe puliogare or Telugu they call it pulihora

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this video is all about making cooking easy for starving bachelor’s across the world so that they can cook for them selves and eat.

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